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Nine Steps to Correct Dyslexic Reading

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Aug 12, 2023

Dear Parent: 

Four tools are needed to remove the symbol/word blindness of the dyslexic of any age.  

Tools # 1 & 2 are in Sky Village - Trail of Spells:  

  1. The Mind’s Eye  

  2. The Mastery of Abstract Words and Symbols  

  3. The Clay Letters work is optional, but I recommend to parents that they do it.  

  4. The Easy Written Vocabulary Builder is used when the parent and child read together.   The bottom line — This is the technique that keeps your child from getting lost in phonics. The tool moves the dyslexic towards their strength of learning - picturing whole words versus using the two-dimensional abstract phonics symbols and sounds that confuse the dyslexic. Our parents are thrilled and cannot believe it's this simple. 

~ Bill 

The articles and videos below will help you implement your child’s reading progress

The articles/links are listed in the order to do them…. 

[1] The Mind’s Eye management exercises must be done first…  Start by reading “The Mind’s Eye – The Spot – Perception            and watching the video "Go to The Spot".   Remember when your child reads aloud to you and your child displays a reading disability symptom of a stumble, hesitation, inserted word, misread a word, replaced word, omitted word, misses a punctuation stop sign, or skips line(s), they gently but consistently hear from you, “Go to The Spot”. This way they will get comfortable with this perception tool (their new best friend for life). 

[2] Then the upper & lowercase alphabet exercises… 

The Alphabet Mastery in clay article is a self-explanatory guide for you. 

Remember that you, the parent, are looking for certainty in your child's voice and facial expressions before putting the letters away for good. Yes, that's right... FOR GOOD! 

[3] Followed by the punctuation exercise… 

Once your child consistently makes the punctuation pause(s), your child is ready to learn to read more and more confidently. 

[4] When needed …  use the Reading Helpers to keep reading flowing. 

You are looking for early WINS to build your child’s confidence. After your child masters punctuation marks, make sure they always pause at periods and picture what has been read.  BTW... Congratulations on discovering Magical I Am. The whole Magical I Am team looks forward to hearing about your success story(s). 

Links for The Nine Steps for Dyslexia Reading Correction  These are Bill’s recommended articles and videos  

...Mind’s Eye Management... 

  1. The Mind’s Eye - The Spot - Perception (article) 

  2. Go to the Spot (article); The Video  


  1. Alphabet(s) Mastery - Instruction for Clay 

Alphabet letter templates;    Lowercase Alphabet instruction video;   Upper case Alphabet Instruction video 


  1.  Punctuation Pause (video) 

  2. Punctuation Pause Count Chart 

  3. Punctuation Mastery 1.2.3 – instructions (article); instructional video 

… Reading Helpers... 

  1. Easy Written Vocabulary Builder  (article) 

  2. How to Read a Sentence 

  3. What is it about Sight Words and Abstract Symbols that Interrupts Reading Comprehension? (article) 

Go to our website, and READ, READ, READ the articles, and watch the videos! A wealth of supportive information awaits you. Oh, under the website header, “Reading and Writing Mastery”, be sure to go to the sub-header, “Reading Tools”. There you will find some other tools to help facilitate your child’s progress in reading and writing. 

Lastly, for optimum play, we recommend that your Apple or Android mobile device have at least 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) whether it be an Apple (iOS) or Google (android) tablet or smartphone. 

As always, BE MAGICAL. 

Bill Allen Founder & SME Magical I Am™ Inc. 

5621 Aven Rd. Marietta GA 30068, (m)678-306-6956 

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn.™ 

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