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Spell Tutor Pronounce (STP) Word Recognition Tool and Vocabulary Builder

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Apr 14, 2022

Because of the dyslexic’s and struggling reader’s propensity to think in a high percentage of 3-dimensional (3-D) thought, their learning to read methodology needs to move away from the reliance on phonics or phonemic awareness in order to build vocabulary or word recognition when reading.

Bottom line – your child's dominant sense when reading is the ability to picture, followed by a sense of feeling.

Unless a child suffers from ADLD (Attention Deficit Lethargy Disorder), the child can talk up a “blue streak,” which usually means the child possesses a verbal vocabulary at grade level or higher.

STP is very simple to implement:

When your child is reading aloud to the parent/tutor do not give them more than a count of two to sound out a word” should be worded as “When your child is reading aloud to the parent or tutor, give them ONLY a count of two to sound out a word.

1. Have them spell the word to you. 

2. Then, you pronounce the word. 

This enables the child to keep reading and have some continuity while reading. With fluidity comes comprehension! Period. 

If the child starts to spell the word and then the word pops out; Great! Have them continue to read until they hit a punctuation Full Stop sign [Period (.) or Question Mark (?) or Exclamation Mark (!) or Colon (:)].

3. When your child reaches a Full Stop, ask the child what they saw? Or, what's the picture that the child has in their mind for what they just read. If it's not a picture, then ask your child what’s the feeling that's being experienced within the sentence/story? 

As your child's word recognition increases, their reading ability can progress to a paragraph, then to paragraphs, and then to a page and more. But make sure that they pause for the appropriate punctuation stop sign for what they are reading.

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