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We help anyone with Dyslexia to Improve Reading & Learning

Unleash the enchanting powers of Magical I Am – the ultimate reading enhancement solution specially crafted for individuals grappling with the challenges of dyslexia.

Magical I Am - The Only Solution to improve Dyslexia disorder

20% Of The World’s Population Is Estimated To Have Dyslexia


Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that affects reading, spelling, and sometimes writing. It’s not about intelligence, but how the brain processes language. People with dyslexia may see letters differently or struggle to connect sounds with letters.

The Solution

Dyslexia is improved by specialized instruction, often using multiple senses. Schools can offer accommodations like our Sky Village Mobile Game and extra test time. Adults can use tech tools and find strategies to manage challenges.

The Game

Magical I Am turns reading and  learning into a fun adventure! Our Sky Village Mobile Game uses games to target challenges faced by dyslexic children or adults, helping them master phonics and improve reading skills.

95% Of The Players Improved Their Reading

Make Reading Fun with Magical I Am!
Play Anytime & Anywhere with the Mobile Game App

Trusted by school teachers, parents and scientists around the world. Magical I Am’s Game App, Sky Village Mobile Game, helps people with dyslexia to read faster and learn more.

Sky Village Mobile Game - Trail of Spells

Magical I Am’s game app is easy to use and suitable to anyone with any condition of dyslexia. 

Magical I Am’s game app increases the challenge based on the players’ reading capability over a period. 

Magical I Am’s game app tracks the player’s progress with visual reporting tool for parent and/or teacher. 

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School Program

Magical I Am is currently developing a variety of dyslexia programs for Schools in the USA. Our school program will help teachers and more children get their hands on the mobile app to improve their reading and have fun learning new things.

Discover The Resources

With many years of experience developing a program to improve reading, Magical I Am’s team has created many articles and resources about dyslexia. Discover them and learn more about dyslexia.

Learn With The Videos

Magical I Am’s team put together many video clips about dyslexia and game tutorials for children, parents and teachers, and parents. Watch and subscribe on

The One And Only Game For Dyslexia

In a mysterious little village perched up in the clouds among the vast blue skies, a young warrior named Knight uncovers the extraordinary secrets about this amazing world, and discovers the truths about Knight’s own origins.

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Teacher & Parent

Magical I am would like to work closely with the school teachers and parents to increase dyslexia awareness


We are always seeking new funding and investor to help other people to improve dyslexia.


We need fresh voices of Magical I Am to make dyslexia a household known word, so more people can benefit from it.

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