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About Us

Magical I Am™ addresses the key challenge for dyslexic or struggling readers, grades K through fifth – the mastery of abstract words and symbols.

Created by a dyslexic reader and thinker, and grounded in years of research on the benefits of play in learning and

3-D learning, Magical I Am offers a powerful and affordable resource for families tired of the stress and shortcomings of rote memorization and traditional classroom techniques.


Using our patent-pending Bindu M.E. Tech™ and Adaptive Content Casting, players are introduced to hundreds of abstract words  and symbols while navigating the adventure and mysteries that await them in 

Magical I Am: Sky Village. 

Learn to read, so you can read to learn.


How Your Child Learns

Overcoming Interruptions

Being a 3-D Learner

Magical I Am helps overcome the interruption caused by an inability to recognize abstract words and symbols. These interruptions, while not obvious to the senses, create “blank spots” in the awareness of the reader.

Understanding the primarily sensory and holistic (seemingly intuitive) way in which 3-D learners approach reading, and how how it differs from the logical and linear (deductive) approach of their peers, is critical in building an accessible reading curriculum.

Recognizing Dyslexia

Concerned your child might be struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia?

The Magical I Am™ Dyslexia Self-Assessment is a great place to start the journey of understanding your child's reading challenge.

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Recognizing the signs of dyslexia