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Sky Village

Beta is Live!

Steps To Sign Up For Sky Village Beta:

  1. Schedule your child's reading assessment:

    Talk to Bill
  2. Attend our Thursday night town hall where we will have an opportunity to learn about the philosophy and learning approach behind Magical I Am, our patent-pending Bindu M.E. Tech, what to expect during alpha testing, and more.

    Click to Attend

Game Overview:

Magical I Am™ - Sky Village is an app that provides the fun of adventure while negotiating the primary obstacle for dyslexic readers grades K-5 - abstract words and symbols.


  • Features our patent-pending Bindu M.E. Technology, which uses 3-D learning techniques, the primary style of learning among dyslexic readers
  • Progress reports available for parents and/or educators
  • 16 "spells" or lessons included in free download
  • Full game with 60 spells available for $29
  • Emphasizes benefits of play in learning


Grades K-5

Supported Play Modes:

Devices with Google Play Store or Apple Store access


1 player with ability to create multiple profiles

Hours of Game Play:

Experience varies based on player's progress in game. Our Adaptive Content Casting technology ensures game-play adjusts based on each player's progress.

Additional Information:

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