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Sky Village™ - Trail of Spells

The game that improves children's reading the more they play.

In a mysterious little village perched up in the clouds among the vast blue skies, a young warrior named Knight uncovers the extraordinary secrets about this amazing world, and discovers the truths about Knight’s own origins.

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The game that improves reading the more you play.
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Learn how the game improves reading, game information, device specifications, parental progress reports, and more!

For Parents

Learn all about the magical land of Sky VillageTM and the fantastic creatures and characters you'll meet!

For Kids
Play the game!

About The Game

Sky VillageTM - Trail of Spells addresses the key challenge for dyslexic or struggling readers, K through fifth grade - the mastery of sight words and symbols. The game is grounded in years of research on the benefits of learning through play and 3-D learning. Magical I AmTM offers a powerful and affordable resource for families tired of the stress from traditional classroom techniques. Using our patented Bindu M.E. TechTM and Adaptive Content Casting, players are introduced to hundreds of sight words and symbols while navigating the adventure and mysteries that await them in Sky VillageTM - Trail of Spells. Learn to read, so you can read to learn!

Game Overview:

Sky Village™ - Trail of Spells is an app that provides the fun of adventure while negotiating the primary obstacle for dyslexic readers K-5th grade – sight words and symbols.


  • Features our patented Bindu M.E. Technology, which uses 3-D learning techniques, the primary style of learning among dyslexic readers
  • Progress reports available for parents and/or educators
  • 20 “Spells“ (sight word lessons) included in the free download


Grades K-5

Supported Play Modes:

  • Devices with Google Play Store or Apple App store access
  • Devices require a minimum of 4 GB RAM (please see detailed device specifications for more information)


  • Single player
  • Supports multiple player profiles on the same device

Hours of Game Play:

Includes 5-8 hours of free game play. Experience varies based on player's progress in the game.

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