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The 100 Most Commonly Read Words

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Nov 09, 2021
The 100 Most Commonly Read Words

Bold words are Concrete; the Blue words are Abstract.

Source: The First 100 Most Commonly Used English Words

The Missing Link

The missing reading link that Sky Village provides is learning “How to read the 300 “Most Commonly Read Abstract Words and Symbols.” Teachers drill these words until memorized, hoping these words will make it into long-term memory. However, unlike the words that are concrete these “Commonly Read Words” are abstract, (they have no innate sensory association) and become the stumbling blocks connected with most reading disability symptoms.

There is notable confusion among the education experts for learning to read the Most Commonly Read Words… and they don't even know it! Academia distinguishes this group of words by nine different names:

  1. Abstract Words

  2. Dolch Words

  3. Fry Words

  4. Outlaw Words

  5. Sight Words

  6. Stumble Words

  7. Trigger Words

  8. Interrupter Words

  9. Most Commonly Read Words

No matter what the label for this group of words, up till now the popular teaching method has been rote and drill. Unfortunately, many of these words are still inconsistently read by too many children.

Of the First 25 Most Commonly Used English Words – All are Abstract Words

These words make up over 50% of all printed material in grades K-5.

First 25 Commonly Used English Words

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn. ™

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