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In a mysterious little village perched up in the clouds among the vast blue skies, a young warrior named Knight uncovers the extraordinary secrets about this amazing world, and discovers the truths about Knight’s own origins.

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Welcome to Sky Village!

Sky Village is a magical land up above the clouds. There are secrets to discover, creatures to befriend, and friends to save. Are you up to the task? Can you save Sky Village, brave warrior, Knight?

Play the game!

What can you do in Sky Village?

Meet the Villagers!


Knight, the Brave Warrior

Explore Sky Village as the curious character, Knight. As Knight, you will uncover secrets, learn Spells, and save the day!



Meet Knight's good buddy, Lance. He is a loyal friend to Knight and beloved by the folks in Sky Village.


Who is Marcela?

Meet Marcela, the wise wizard! Some say she is as old as the hills. Marcela is a patient and kind teacher with powerful magic. Read more about Marcela


Vikarix the Village Chief

Meet Vikarix, the strong leader of Sky Village. Vikarix is a skilled warrior with a kind heart.


Smitty the Gearmaster

Say hello to the intelligent Smitty! Smitty makes some interesting gadgets. But beware, sometimes they are not so nice...


Smoltz the Fisherman

This is the lovable Smoltz. You will find him doing this and that around Sky Village. Don't be afraid to say hi!


Pip the Troublemaker

Meet the troublesome Pip! He is a grumpy one with a knack for mischief. Watch out for this troublemaker!


Floretta the Archer

Meet Floretta, the serious bow woman. She is a skilled warrior who does not have time for silly games...


Quarry Man Larry

This is Larry! He works in the mines to collect precious gems, along with his friend, Torto.



Meet Torto, the tortoise with a mechanical leg! Torto does some heavy lifting in the quarry with his buddy, Larry.


Potts the Grocer

Wave hello to the friendly Potts. With his wife, Jimenda, Potts sells quality food and goods to the lovely villagers of Sky Village.


Aunt Jimenda

This is the talented Aunt Jimenda! Jimenda is quite the skilled baker. You must try her mouth watering crunch-crunch cakes!


Mister Cubb

This is the fuzzy critter, Mister Cubb. You may find he will come out of his little home in the wall for a slice of gag cheese...


Miss Cham

This is the colorful Miss Cham! She is a master of disguise. What color will she be next?


Grandma Toffee

Hello, Grandma Toffee. I said, HELLO GRANDMA TOFFEE! You need to speak up. She has her ears stuffed with sky broccoli.


Flip the Seal

Meet the encouraging seal named Flip! He is fond of tubers and loves to play and dance.


Papa Jojo

This is the valiant veteran hero, Papa Jojo. He fought bravely in a long-ago war.


Trader Daamu

Oh, look, it's Daamu! He plays a mean banjo and brings lots of goodies from faraway lands.



Meet Rocko, a big red bird. Is there more to him than meets the eye? Rocko has a very important job to do.



Hello Osur, the friendly Ogre! Osur is Knight's good friend. Where is the rest of him? I only see his toes...

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