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Woodard Ligget

Chief Executive Officer

Woodard Ligget - CEO Of Magical I Am

After receiving degrees in multiple disciplines, Woody embarked on a career in high-tech providing solutions to a variety of industries. Beginning with selling large computer solutions (Burroughs Corporation and Honeywell),  Woody received extensive training, expertise and experience culminating in providing multi-million dollar sales to banks, savings and loans and credit unions. After a few years of award winning corporate achievements, Woody successfully transitioned into the burgeoning software technology market, becoming the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for several Arizona-based software start-ups, leading those entities into multi-million dollar companies. 

With knowledge and experience acquired from those early stage start-up ventures, Woody was tasked to become a Founder and Executive with several companies.  These include an early ERP software developer providing solutions to the publishing industry, IPRO Tech, the first company offering image scanning and documentation for the legal profession (eDiscovery) and Nth Degree Software, which offered integrated software solutions designed specifically for the printing industry supply chain. All three ventures required seeking venture capital and other funding which led to on-going profitability and, in one instance led to a successful IPO. Soon after these successful ventures, Woody and other business Partners worked with private equity firms focused on providing equity capital for middle market buyouts and for companies needing capital for expansion.

For the past twenty years, Woody has maintained a holding company, Mikitek, which manages and funds multiple start-up technology and creative ventures.  These include iStory Media, StoryVid, Auto Dealer Media and Medicus Network.

Woody was named the CEO of Magical I Am on March 18, 2024.