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The Magical I Am Team

Woodard Ligget - CEO Of Magical I Am

Woodard Ligget

Chief Executive Officer

For the past twenty years, Woody has maintained a holding company, Mikitek, which manages and funds multiple start-up technology and creative ventures. These include iStory Media, StoryVid, Auto Dealer Media and Medicus Network.

Bill Allen

Bill’s own lifelong struggle as a dyslexic inspired him to begin tutoring children to read by instructing them with the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program. It has been Bill’s passion to develop a way to teach dyslexic children. Bill has a BBA degree from Georgia State University.

Sunil Thankamushy

Chief Product Officer
Sunil has been in the gaming industry for over 20 years. Before starting his own company DEEPBLUE Worlds, Inc. and becoming a professor of Animation & Gaming at Mt San Antonio college in LA, Sunil worked at DreamWorks Interactive as Lead Animator (“Lost World of Jurassic Park™” & “Medal of Honor™”) and as Animation Lead (“Medal of Honor Frontline™”.

Marcia Hart

Director of Educational Content

Marcia Hart brings to Magical I Am™ 50 Years of Experience in Teaching, Transformational Facilitation, Stress Release, How We Learn, Self-Regulation, and Brain-Body Integration.

Marcia helped develop Magical I Am’s™ Digital Game Mechanic, Bindu – A revolutionary digital approach for gaming focus and orientation.

Tyler E. Johnson

Tyler E. Johnson

Senior VP Business Development
Tyler comes from a multi-generational family of professional educators with a strong emphasis on ensuring children know how to read. He has witnessed the power of edutainment first-hand with his three daughters, all of whom thrived when introduced to learning in a digital gaming environment.
Raymond Arrona

Raymond Arrona

VP of Investor Relations
Ray’s career is highlighted by his achievements in building and leading top-performing sales teams. In the mid-1970’s, he transformed his Tucson, AZ district into the #1 district in the nation earning him a promotion and transfer to Atlanta, GA in January 1976.