The Magical I Am Team 

Bill Allen.jpg
Bill Allen
Founder & CEO. Magical I Am, Inc 

Bill’s own lifelong struggle as a dyslexic inspired him to begin tutoring children to read by instructing them with the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program. It has been Bill’s passion to develop a way to teach dyslexic children. Bill has a BBA degree from Georgia State University. 

Eric Scharff
Magical I Am COO/CFO 
Founder of AMFC, Inc.

With extensive experience in executive management in both domestic and international industries, Eric brings invaluable business acumen to the Magical I Am™ team. All operational personnel and activity developments of Magical I Am™  report to Eric.

Sunil Thankamushy
Principal Game Director


Sunil has been in the gaming industry for over 20 years. Before starting his own company DEEPBLUE Worlds, Inc. and becoming a professor of Animation & Gaming at Mt San Antonio college in LA, Sunil worked at DreamWorks Interactive as Lead Animator (“Lost World of Jurassic Park™” & “Medal of Honor™”) and as Animation Lead (“Medal of Honor Frontline™”.

Marcia Hart
Magical I Am Director of Educational Content 
Hart to Heart Wellness

Marcia Hart brings to Magical I Am™ 50 Years of Experience in Teaching, Transformational Facilitation, Stress Release, How We Learn, Self-Regulation, and Brain-Body Integration. 

​Marcia helped develop Magical I Am's™  Digital Game Mechanic, Bindu - A revolutionary digital approach for gaming focus and orientation.


Tyler E. Johnson

Senior VP Business Development

Tyler comes from a multi-generational family of professional educators with a strong emphasis on ensuring children know how to read. He has witnessed the power of edutainment first-hand with his three daughters, all of whom thrived when introduced to learning in a digital gaming environment.

Scott Marticke

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott brings 35 years of marketing, advertising, and web-based analytics experience, working with companies and organizations. In 2009 he co-founded online analytics company Sentiment360 and was instrumental in the conception and launch of a cybersecurity/brand protection service for Omnicom. Scott has worked with brands and marketing firms large and small and from global down to local in scope. 

William Marks

Sr Public Relations Consultant

William brings over 35 years of corporate communications experience with companies such as BellSouth, IBM, Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, Lowe’s, AT&T, and Deloitte. Bill also served as vice president of public relations for Coca-Cola North America. 

Katie Marticke

Director of Digital Marketing

Katie is the Founder of Mokum Provisions- a boutique marketing firm aimed at helping brands find their voice and equipping business owners with the tools needed to thrive in the ever changing world of digital marketing. Her experience and success in both the private and nonprofit sectors gives a voice to Magical I Am's mission and continued results in our digital marketing efforts. 

Advisory Board

Don Shapleigh
Financial Services Professional
Magical I Am Financial Advisor 

Don has more than 45 years of broad-based leadership and technical experience in the banking and financial services marketplace. He was a senior officer at both Bank South and SouthTrust Bank for almost 25 years before he co-founded NetBank, serving as a Director and President/COO. His most recent endeavors include advising startups, primarily in financial services, and as an executive with a private equity firm. Don is also involved in the business & civic community and is devoted to Magical I Am’s™ educational DNA.

Charles E, (Ched) Hoover
Financial Services Professional
Magical I Am™ Financial Advisor 

Ched has extensive experience in working with early stage companies, primarily with technology, financial services and real estate companies, to assist them in with putting in place a strong management team with strategic partners, and having the proper corporate structure so that the needed capital can be raised. In addition to being a co- founder of NetBank, the first in the internet-based banking industry, he has been a former investment banker at Interstate/Johnson Lane, a Senior VP at Universal Capital Management, Director of Business Development at Apparity. 

Ched’s business acumen in understanding the business operational and marketing needs of Magical I Am during its pre-revenue phase will be extremely valuable in forming the vision Magical I Am  needs to move to the next phase.