• Bill Allen

Shattering the Myths of Dyslexia. Myth #3: Dyslexia is Expensive!

Instead of a blog, I can probably write a chapter or a book on this myth. My personal experience has been that dyslexia IS expensive. As a first grader, I went to an eye specialist, and was also tested by a learning disability boarding school. The diagnosis from the school was dyslexia; and the eye specialist said I needed to do eye and body exercises to treat the dyslexia. We opted for the eye exercise route. Eventually, I learned to read at the 4th grade level and had become creatively dependent on others to get me through the educational system.

Looking back at the years after graduation from college, my severe anxiety led to depression as I could no longer manage my dyslexia through an unhealthy dependence on other people to help me read and write in my sales profession. At the time I had no idea of the source of my mood disorder problems that ultimately led me to decades of psychotherapy. All throughout my adulthood, psychotherapy did little more than hold my hand. It wasn't until recently that I found a psychiatrist who finally was able to help me make the connection between my childhood dyslexia and my current shame. Then, a priest helped me put together the final piece of the damaging effects of my dyslexic past and helped me to start to heal the low self-esteem that had grown into self-blame.

The good news is that your child does not have to be plagued by decades of unknowing shame and blame. They can now learn to read and write at grade level and feel equal to their peers by playing the Magical I Am™ app to master reading abstract words, punctuation marks, and symbols. I can only roughly estimate the amount of money and time that I spent with experts, doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists…the total exceeds well in excess of $100,000. In my journey to wholeness, I do not consider this money to be well spent yet at the same time that was all that was available to me…until recently.

Today, if a family chooses to go the traditional phonics/phonemic awareness approach to correcting the reading disability associated with dyslexia, then tuition costs will run the gamut from $21,000 to $40,000 annually and a dyslexic child can be in a learning disability school for 3 or more years. The cost can be quite a burden to any family, and out of reach for middle-class and lower-class families.

Another traditional route dyslexic learners can take is going to the private-after-school reading centers. These facilities on average cost $2500 a year, with no end in sight for the student’s need for them. The last avenue of traditional help is a dyslexia tutor, which usually runs between $55 and $80 an hour. The bottom line is: if you go the traditional route, dyslexia can be very expensive.

At Magical I Am, we have discovered that most children with reading disabilities think in a very high percentage of three-dimensional thought, and needs to be taught with tools that work with their learning strengths.

The Magical I Am app, coming in 2020, is the best program on the market today for three-dimensional thinkers or for an individual that is referred to as dyslexic. The cost of the program is affordable for the 99% of the US population that cannot afford the traditional learning to read methodologies available today. As a matter of fact, once released, you can download the app for free. The program is simple and fun to use, and it can be done autonomously at home, in the park, or in a car…anywhere you could bring a mobile device.

So, the myth that dyslexia is expensive has been shattered! We invite you to think beyond the traditional dyslexia learning route, where you will likely spend tens of thousands of dollars and an untold amount of time, and instead experience the three-dimensional learning journey available through Magical I Am.