• Bill Allen

Indiegogo + Magical I Am

Dear friend,

As you likely already know from following the Magical I Am journey - my life's mission has been to support dyslexic and struggling readers so that they might avoid the trials I experienced in life before finding the support I needed to begin to not only live, but thrive, with my dyslexia. It was not until working with the incredible team that have helped me build Magical I Am that I could truly see the potential of the countless hours and millions of dollars I've invested into that pursuit. What was once merely potential is on the precipice of reality - a first of its kind reading adventure game that combines proven dyslexia teaching methods with a number of patent pending technologies.

Magical I Am is the remedy for outdated dyslexia interventions that rely on rote memorization and often come with an unattainable price tag. Built on the growing body of research that emphasizes the power of play in learning, Magical I Am- Sky Village is an adventure game first, with the mastery of abstract words and symbols (the primary obstacle for dyslexic readers grades K-5) built seamlessly into gameplay. In fact while we set out to build a powerful tool for struggling readers, results from early rounds of testing show readers of all abilities are highly engaged with the characters and adventures in Magical I Am.

The potential of Magical I Am to positively impact millions of children is absolute, but I need your help to make it a reality. After investing my own life's savings to get to this point, I'm asking for help to get us across the finish line. We are targeting summer 2021 for a general release, but need to raise funds to get us there. Our team has launched an Indiegogo campaign and are looking to raise approximately 100k in 45 days to ensure we can see Magical I Am to general release. Your money will go directly to building this incredible new tool for young dyslexic readers, and you can even scoop up some cool perks like designing a custom Magical I Am character, dedicating an in-game landmark, or even just some cool Magical I Am vinyl character stickers.

Whether you contribute $2 or $2,000, every penny is appreciated. I truly believe Magical I Am can change the world, and would love if you could be a part of it. Follow the link below to learn more.


Founder & CEO, Magical I Am™