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A paradigm shift in the treatment of dyslexia


About Us

Magical I Am™ is an app that provides the fun of adventure while negotiating the learning challenges of spells that teach children to read abstract words and symbols. Success in learning the spells builds confidence, as well as reading skills, and earns the reward of moving forward in the adventure. Success in the adventures builds a stronger sense of a self that is capable of helping improve the world.

Focusing on the formative ages of kindergarten through the fifth grade, the Magical I Am™ app addresses the key challenge for the dyslexic or reading impaired child – the mastery of abstract words.

Learn to read so you can read to learn.


How Your Child Learns

Overcoming Interruptions

Being a 3-D Learner

Magical I Am helps overcome the interruption caused by an inability to recognize abstract words and symbols. These interruptions, while not obvious to the senses, create “blank spots” in the awareness of the reader.

Understanding the primarily sensory and holistic (seemingly intuitive) way in which 3-D learners approach reading, and how how it differs from the logical and linear (deductive) approach of their peers, is critical in building an accessible reading curriculum.

Recognizing Dyslexia

Concerned your child might be struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia?

The Magical I Am™ Dyslexia Self-Assessment is a great place to start the journey of understanding your child's reading challenge.


My journey with dyslexia  - Bill Allen, Founder & CEO Magical I Am™


Over 20 years ago, I learned how to correct the reading and writing disabilities associated with what I now refer to as my dyslexia gift.  However, the methodology that enabled me to correct my dyslexia learning disability has two significant drawbacks… it’s time-consuming and very expensive.


I developed Magical I Am™ to address the devastating emotional impact that dyslexia can have on “uncorrected victims” - those who go undiagnosed or whose families can’t afford expensive treatments. 


In the United States alone, less than 1% of the dyslexic population is able to afford the dyslexia correction methodologies being offered today.


Magical I Am™ is a paradigm shift in the way dyslexia is treated. Focusing on the formative ages of pre-K through fourth grade, Magical I Am™ effectively addresses the key challenge for the dyslexic or reading-impaired child so they can master reading abstract words, which tend to cause most of the reading disability symptoms.


Magical I Am™ does this through a combination of 3D effects and a fun, app-based game format that makes learning fun and effortless for your child. Designed for the young user, he or she makes their way through a magical kingdom, progressing as they conquer each level. It’s engrossing for the child and it is extremely affordable for the 99% of parents who can’t afford expensive treatments today.


I struggled for years before I could treat my dyslexia. I’ve made it my life’s goal to ensure that every parent can provide their dyslexic child with help they need now, so they don’t have to go through what my family and I did.

Bill Allen