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The Magical I Am Brand Ambassador program is for someone who promotes our brand and its products to their network with the objective of increasing brand awareness and helping drive sales.

We need fresh voices for Magical I Am to make our games and strategies a house-hold name, particularly as it pertains to dyslexia. More people, especially K-5 students, will benefit from the Brand Ambassador Program.

Becoming a Magical I Am Brand Ambassador entails understanding social media trends and being willing to promote our products on a variety of channels. Brand Ambassadors can perform a wide variety of tasks, ranging from implementing marketing campaigns to posting about our products.

Online vs. In-person Brand Ambassador

Magical I Am offers two primary types of brand ambassadors: online and in-person brand ambassadors.

Online brand ambassadors typically work through social media and online to raise awareness about a company. 

Typical tasks of an online brand ambassador include:

  • Posting about a product on your social media platforms
  • Posting on online message boards or chat groups
  • Writing reviews on customer review sites
  • Reviewing our products or services on your blog
  • Inviting friends to events via social media sites

An in-person Magical I Am brand ambassador may work at a large gathering like a conference or marketing event, or they can spread awareness of our company via conversation. 

Tasks of an in-person brand ambassador often include:

  • Distributing marketing materials like stickers or posters
  • Wearing branded uniforms or clothing items, such as t-shirts or hats
  • Providing samples or product demos in schools and other venues
  • Setting up and running tables at conferences or other events