Use this self-assessment guide to determine the likelihood that you or your child are dyslexic. This self-assessment guide is meant only to assist with identifying the probability of dyslexia and is not intended as a medical or other professional assessment or diagnosis of the learning capabilities, learning styles or other conditions of any individual.  If any such medical or professional assessment or diagnosis is sought, a medical or other professional trained in assessing the learning capabilities, styles or other conditions of individuals should be consulted.

Upon completion of this self-assessment, submission to Magical I Am™ is optional. You may self-score using the key provided and/or submit your responses to the Magical I Am™ team by selecting "Submit" at the bottom of the assessment. The information gathered  will help us develop more materials to expand the learning dimensions of children like yours. 

This information is confidential.  Magical I Am™ registered information is not sold to third parties and is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy

Dyslexia Self-Assessment

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