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What's Up with a Label?

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
May 08, 2022

What does the label “dyslexia” tell you? When you stop and think about it, it tells you very little. Since there are no two cases of dyslexia that are alike or, in other words, a dyslexic’s “fingerprint” is different from anyone else who has a dyslexia “fingerprint” or any other “fingerprint” for that matter. 

Case in point, we have successfully worked three-dimensionally with children who come with over 86 different learning disability labels. We believe, as people continue to try to pigeonhole dyslexia, in the next five years there will be another 3 to 5 labels created for some aspect of dyslexia. It’s maddening, but oh so real. 

About 15 years ago, I gave up on the label-name game. I came to the conclusion that labels don’t lead to solutions. These labels may result in an educational crutch, or possibly some kind of financial aid, but the point of education is to gain knowledge and manipulate that knowledge so that one can be of service to their family, community and/or profession. So, what is important is the solution(s) ... labels don’t contribute to society, and those who have found solutions have contributed to society.  (Read about Famous Dyslexics)So many people when asked what dyslexia is will tell you that it’s seeing upside down and/or seeing letters in reverse order… or writing all kinds of distorted text creations… or the person with dyslexia simply has trouble reading and writing. These are just a few symptoms of dyslexia, but what causes them

The dominant cause of reading disability symptoms is the function of the Mind’s Eye that results from the confusion generated by meeting abstract words and symbols in a text.  Well over 90% of the time, these symptoms, and others like them, can be cleared up by playing the digital game, Sky Village. Sky Village will help your child begin to explore their reading and writing creativity and imagination as they begin to enjoy learning.

So, as you usher out the need for a label; usher in the wonder-filled fun of the game of Sky Village.

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn. ™

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