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The Writing Is on the Wall … A Paradigm Change Is Needed!

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Oct 11, 2021

In the United States, reading comprehension scores have unceasingly trended downward since the 1960s, a negative shift analyzed in a multitude of categorical studies. 


The reading methodologies tried by educators boil down to 3 categories: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness and Memorization. 

Magical I Am is spearheading a GLOBAL paradigm shift in reading and writing instruction by employing a combination of 3-dimensional technology and entertainment in order to meet children where they want to be met – on smartphones and tablets. Today's educational workforce is not consciously aware of this fact, but for years now children have thrived because when work becomes fun, it is called play! In this arena, Magical I Am is offering true reading comprehension innovation.

Today, in the English language, there are approximately 170,000 words actively in-use. These are generally being learned by phonemes, graphemes, encoding, decoding and memorization. More importantly, upon graduating from high school, our students have a vocabulary of approximately 20,000 +/- words. Orton-Gillingham’s (OG) “learning to read” methodology, which dominates over 90% of the learning to read market, asserts that 75% of ALL words can be learned through phonics & phonemic awareness (which is a derivative of phonics). You do the math! Whether a high school graduate or a prolific wordsmith, that's a daunting and mind-boggling amount of words to memorize! Further complicating the issue, text is shown in an abstract 2-dimensional format. So, from the outside looking in, it's easy to understand why over 60% of today’s USA adults are either illiterate or don't like to read. Furthermore, nationally, we are spending incessantly on educational structures & methodologies that produce diminishing results.

Time-and-money wise, there must be a more efficient way to learn to read and write which generatesa higher percentage of adults with stronger reading and writing communication skills. The future of word mastery, whether abstract or not, is the utilization of the 3-dimensional, edutainment concept which is being spearheaded by Magical I Am.  By the last quarter of 2022, Magical I Am plans to have available a basic one & two letter phoneme sound phonics component. Unique to Magical I Am's phonics component is a letter sound methodology that will not address the “gazillion” exceptions to the rules. When an individual 3-dimensionally mastersALL 3 parts of a word, the individual has eliminated the confusion associated with the LOOK,SOUND, and dominant USAGE for the meaning of a particular word. It is said that a word has to be used 17 times before it becomes a part of an individual's vocabulary. Since we were born as 3-dimensional thinkers/creatures, hypothetically, the 3-dimensional mastery of a word will greatly reduce the number of repetitions needed for it to become a part of one's vocabulary.





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