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Suspect Your Child Has a Reading Issue?

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
May 05, 2022

If you suspect that your child might have a reading disability, then we recommend you cover all the bases mentioned in the article below.

“Don’t wait too long to ask for help. If you feel your child’s reading problems affect their self-esteem or make them apprehensive about school, get help promptly. Research shows that most reading problems don’t get better on their own, and that children generally don’t catch up once they fall behind unless they receive help.” Bill Allen

Here is a simple reading disability symptoms test that any parent can implement with their child:

The test: Have in front of you a copy of a text or excerpt which is below your child’s present reading level. Give them a separate copy and have them read a paragraph or two of it aloud.

As your child reads, note on your copy of the text all the words and symbols (punctuation marks) that cause them to either stumble, hesitate, insert a word, replace a word, skip a word, misread a word, or skip a line(s), or miss a punctuation stop. These are called common reading disability symptoms.

Over 90% of the time, these symptoms are caused by small abstract words (I, you, me, too, on, why) or punctuation marks like periods. If this is the case, then we recommend your child explore the wonder-filled adventures of Sky Village – Trail of Spells. For your child to progress through the digital adventure game, they will have to master abstract words and symbols along the way while having fun in the adventures. The more words and symbols that they master, the more fluid their writing and reading become.

Note: Playing Sky Village – Trail of Spells can be done as a parallel track with any phonics or other reading program your child is presently taking.

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn.™

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