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Only One Definition of an Abstract Word has to be Mastered

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Sep 10, 2021

Keep in mind, in K-5, to learn to read, your child has to three-dimensionally master four sets of two-dimensional symbols – the upper-case and lower-case alphabet, punctuation marks and abstract words. 

When mastering a single abstract word, there could be seven or more definitions for that particular word. So, why is only one definition needed for mastery of that word to take place?  Mastery means the removal of the confusion associated with reading THAT SYMBOL (a word, letter, punctuation mark, or other kind of symbol). Today, we are talking about mastering the reading of abstract words.

For example, let’s look at the abstract word “to”.  When you look in a dictionary, the word “to” can have at least 9 definitions of it that give meaning to its use as a preposition, an infinitive marker, and an adverb. Fortunately, your child only has to master learning to read the word “to” according to one of its definitions.  

Once the symbol has been mastered, the dyslexic can think with that word, no matter which definition of it is being used in the reading text, without drawing a blank spot or any other type of interrupting reading disability symptom. 

Bottom line— your child ‘s mastery of these symbols eliminates the regular occurrence of reading disability symptom interrupters that used to derail their reading fluidity and comprehension.  As a result of mastering these symbols, your child can now picture or "sense" (it makes “sense” to them) the word, phrase or sentence of what is being read or conveyed to them by the author.

Learn to Read, so you can Read to Learn. ™ 

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