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Dyslexia – A Reading Challenge

Bill Allen
Bill Allen
Apr 14, 2022

Dyslexia: Is It a Reading Disability/Difficulty or a Reading Challenge?

Because the reading and writing “disability” or “difficulty” can be corrected, the team at Magical I Am recognizes dyslexia simply to be a reading and writing CHALLENGE. Furthermore, once the dyslexic corrects their Dyslexia perceptual issues, then Dyslexia becomes a treasured gift— a talent! In fact, the team at Magical I Am believes that anyone would want to be dyslexic if one could remove reading and writing challenges associated with it.

The two key critical components for becoming a “corrected" dyslexic are:

  1. The awareness and management of the Mind’s Eye

  2. The 3-dimensional (3-D) mastery of ALL three parts of any word or symbol whether the word be abstract or concrete, but the emphasis in elementary school HAS to be the 3-D mastery of abstract words and symbols.

In the English language there are 300 abstract awards and symbols a child will encounter in their six formative years of elementary school. If the management of the Mind’s Eye and these abstract words and symbols are not mastered then a “reading (interrupter) disability” symptom will occur. The small reading interrupters of a stumble, hesitate, inserted word, omitted word, replaced word, misread word, skipped line(s) or combination thereof while reading must be remediated to avoid confusion and frustration while reading. Once this skill and task have been accomplished fluid reading takes place resulting in complete comprehension of the text read.

There are other reading tools at magicaliam.com that will greatly accelerate the process of reading at grade level or higher, but the dyslexic’s highest priority is the management of the Mind’s Eye and the 3-D mastery of the abstract words and symbols.

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