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About Magical I Am

Until now, reading improvement options for dyslexic children have been expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Sky Village’s first of many digital edutainment games, Sky Village – Trail of Spells is a fun and educational game specifically designed for Elementary School kids with dyslexia, that fast-tracks reading and language comprehension.

Finally, an affordable and engaging solution that kids love, with patented technology and advanced progress reporting for parents and teachers.

Now dyslexic kids can quickly become fluid and confident readers, in line with the magical way they see the world.

The Problem

Individuals with dyslexia think in an inordinately high percentage of three-dimensional thought.
All text is recorded in flat, two-dimensional symbols and letters. Compounding the two-
dimensional text issues are the 300 abstract/sight words and symbols that cannot be consistently read fluently with the five human senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch. Often, this results in an “interrupter" disability symptoms of an inserted word, omitted word, replaced word, misread word, missed punctuation sign, or skipped line(s). These interruptions too frequently result in frustration and anger when individuals attempt to read, spell, write, and do math.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, affecting individuals regardless of intelligence level. It is estimated that dyslexia affects approximately 20% of the population globally, with varying degrees of severity. This means that there could be as many as 780 million people worldwide with dyslexia, including both diagnosed and undiagnosed cases.

Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial for correcting the reading disability symptoms associated with dyslexia.

Using Magical I Am’s digital games and learning strategies, the dyslexic child will accomplish the three-dimensional mastery of every two-dimensional Symbol and Sight Word encountered in
the six formative years of elementary school.


Yale reports 80-90% of those with learning disabilities are directly related to Dyslexia, some 20% of the population.


This represents 6M+ elementary kids in the USA who are suffering from Dyslexia.


Outside the USA, this game easily adapts to other English speaking countries. The addressable market in Canada, Australia, New
Zealand and The United Kingdom is 30M+.

The Solution - Learning Game App

Other educational games feel like a school lesson. Magical I Am brings the game, story, and magic to the forefront, which allows children to fall in love with learning

Magical I Am, takes children on an exciting adventure through Sky Village where they can unlock spells, take fun challenges and be rewarded with magical tokens. Dyslexic children have fun mastering the 300 sight words and symbols, while fast-tracking their reading ability and confidence. Sky Village Mobile Game achieves this by incorporating Magical I Am’s patented* technologies into a seamless gaming experience. Parents have confidence in their child’s progress through regular detailed reports showing their child’s advancements and progress.

The Market

Magical I Am Target Market

The Effective & Affordable Game

Unique Economic Model:  The child will first engage in freemium gameplay to get them engrossed in the story. The game’s commercialization, however, is targeted at parents through weekly Parental Reports with a monthly subscription of $14.99. This is directly tied to measurable outcomes. Additional revenue is generated with in-game purchases, and downloadable content (DLC’s & Micro DLC’s) prices range from $2.99 to $9.99 that unlock new levels of the game.

SAAS Model: Parents gauge their child’s progress through detailed Parental Reports sent directly to their phone or e-mail. These parent/teacher reports demonstrate the progress of their child, including their speed of learning, accuracy, quality of comprehension, number of abstract words mastered, and improvements in the reading level of their child.

Affordability: Eight full months of detailed measurement and reporting is the same cost as just one hour of tutoring by a dyslexia/reading expert. Over 12 months, the game’s price with full reporting is $300 or less. During this time, dyslexic children will master an average of 80 Sight Words and Symbols. This presents a more affordable solution for the 99% of American families who cannot afford traditional dyslexia learning-to-read methodologies – tuition or tutoring.

Traction: Magical I Am, Sky Village – Trail of Spells, launched in the Apple and Google stores, June/July 2023. A team of global experts in the areas of operations, partnerships, IT management
and online marketing have been formed to drive the launch, take-to-market strategy and commercialization of the game.

No Ads: Sky Village Mobile Game DOES NOT have ads, so children are protected from intrusive advertisements and parents can rest assured knowing they will be in good hands.